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Starting a business is difficult, but it seems harder for you to do everything as scheduled and to take some time off. Digital technologies can facilitate your work and help you perform things more quickly. What tools are best for you and your business? The only question is? You may be confused by the sheer amount of alternatives offered.

We highlighted the best digital tools for business in our previous post. We now include some more crucial internet business solutions to make your life more enjoyable and delightful.

1. Webinar platform

F you are searching for a solution that is straightforward to use, then your go-to platform is WebinarNinja. The software is hassle-free and enables you to produce, host and share webinars in minutes, enabling you to talk to your audience, instead of spending time imagining how it works. You can connect to your public with WebinarNinja in real time, pre-register automatic webinars, set up a webinar series and communicate with your audited public — from the camera. There are many payment plans, which can be paid every month or year and cancelled anytime. There are different payment options.

2. Telecommunications video

Zoom delivers a secure and trustworthily connected video platform. You may initiate or attend a secure conference, get immediate screen sharing and instant communications across the platform. It’s also safe to drive on the road. The free plan covers 40 minutes of video time and 100 participants and provides greater flexibility and functionality with a premium subscription.

3. Software for accounting

Xero is a sophisticated and simple cloud-based accounting platform, connecting you to banks, accountants, bookkeepers and other business applications. Constructed for small and moderate enterprises, it allows you to track your late and unpayable bills, bank account, etc.

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4. Management of the company

Dubsado is an online business management tool based on subscriptions that offers freelancers the possibility to send contracts and invoices, handle project management, bookkeeping, build questionnaires and other forms, track the time, send and receive e-mail and much more, from one single application. It includes various personalised features that assist your business operations work effectively.

5. Content marketing platform 

Plan your content marketing, organise and run using an easy-to-use editorial and marketing calendar like CoSchedule. You can use a marketing calendar to produce, calendar and communicate your social media content. It also offers a suite of agile marketing products to coordinate your team, projects, and process. You can choose to be billed monthly or annually. 

6. SEO resources and tools

Ahrefs is an SEO software suite that deals with what you need to achieve a higher Google ranking. It will assist you to study keywords, analyse your competitions, establish links, track grades and web audits. In order to meet your SEO objectives, you can access the free Ahrefs tools or choose from different price options.

7. Editing photographs

A colour storey is a free photo editing tool, but you may use a membership to access more features. You may access multiple filters, effects and tools to modify and pop up images. You may use it easily and improve the look of your photos substantially. It is simple to use and can drastically improve the look of your photos. If you are looking for a coherent colour palette for your Instagram or website, you might consider this.

8. Management of the articles and video reading list

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How do you want your favourite stories, videos and articles to be a personal online library? Pocket gives you just that – a location to guard anything you have saved from any device and any publisher or app to see later or for inspiration or reference. Its listening function allows you, while you are on the move, to listen to the written word. Task is free, even if you can upgrade to Pocket Premium for more information.

Like Pocket, you can store information that you find interesting on the Web from Instapaper. The best thing is that, even when you are offline, you may access these anytime. The software can also highlight any text that you have saved in the article and remark on it. You can freely use Instapaper or try your Premium abonment.

9. Writing Wizard online

Nothing overestimates the importance of good content. In any connection with clients, customers and future consumers, you need high-quality material on your website, blog, social media platforms. Grammar is an online writer who examines your spelling, grammatical, punctuation, clarity.

10. Self-sufficiency

Fabulous employs behavioural science as a daily planning and self-handling application to allow people to develop healthy behaviours by breaking them down to smaller, more achievable steps in their healthy journey. You can add more ways to assist maintain long-term routines as you move around. The free or paid version that releases additional features can be tried out.

The Bloom app lets you put in your pocket a digital therapist, a personalised and private daily mental illness coach, using CBTs. It aims at improving your well-being, improving your mood and bringing greater delight. It also helps you to deal with stress and anxiety, increase sleep and establish better habits.

Try to use your business using digital tools and you will notice saving time and working better and efficient.

At DV Nation, we enable businesses to digitally transform. You can contact us if you need help with your digital marketing efforts or if you are interested in recommending new online business solutions to support your digital marketing.

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