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Guide to UX Startup Design

The objective for startups or future firms is to provide end consumers with the finest experience. Design-oriented startups generate on average 32% more revenues than people that fail to do so. With new tools and technology entering the market, entrepreneurs must maintain pace and offer their target audience exceptional user experience.

So, what’s new about UX-design start-ups in 2021? Let’s find out. Let’s find out.

1. New Neumorphism

For designers of UX/UI, neomorphism is a well-known phrase. This trend is a combination of ‘New’ + ‘Skeuomorphism’ with elements which mirror true objects. It is also inspired by flat design with modest contrast, solid colours, good shadows, pitching and volume. The smart use of the shadows and light gives a stunning effect in this design trend.

The Dark Mode

In 2020, Dark Mode took the design industry by storm. More than 1,658 Websites have attracted clients using timeless and exquisite dark subjects. In addition to providing an elegant look and feel for the software items, the dark mode is simple for the eye and crucial because the monitor time is longer than ever. As a consequence, the users use a website or app for more time. It helps to save the battery too, not to forget.


A good narrative everybody enjoys. But the art of telling stories is not well-versed. The narrative of a product or service typically include digital history through UX/UI. Colored arrangements, typography, motion, graphics and sounds play a role in online storytelling and entice users.

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For example, Google’s landing page Pixel Earbuds highlights many product advantages using strong imaging, typography and stunning animations. This causes the users to respond positively by telling stories.

Emojis and Icons

We have made great changes in our way we use information and interact online, focusing not on words but on symbols.

An Instagram study says that emoticons push the text out of our messages more and more. They are universally acknowledged and used for everyone, a vital component of our daily communication. This is why more requests are being made for their adoption. A few years back emoji reactions were launched by professional social networking channel LinkedIn.

In 2021, icons and emojis will be part of parts of UX/UI design in software products (and beyond). Learn how to acquire traction using this resource with icon design.

Interactions without touch

‘Touchless encounters are increasing in a post-pandemic world. This involves the creation of VUI (Voice User Interfaces) and Air Management Control interfaces.

Companies can utilise VUI-based interfaces to interact by incorporating voice chatbots. Similarly, the air management control may also be used, which takes the next step of the touch screens. As DS Automobiles – a luxurious automotive manufacturer – shows, this technology uses contactless control. They exhibited the exactness of touchscreens thrice through the mid-air haptic feedback and motions in their method.

3D Elements Graphics

3D graphics help to visualise things and give life to components. With the integration of third party Graphics in mobile and web interfaces, UI UX designers are made creative. However, to ensure success it requires a vision of art, attention to detail and intense creativity. The whole exercise can also take time.

In general, it makes the software more attractive and creates a forward-looking atmosphere.

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Super applications and mini applications

2021 is a great year of simplification, including start-ups and companies. Super-apps are products that combine several smaller solutions. Super-apps. These applications help to make the design clear and minimalist by merging multiple services. For example, with the GrabPay digital wallet service, Grab, a ride hailing service, transitioned to Finance in 2018.

Also, there is a significant need for mini-apps. According to HubSpot, little apps with limited functionalities are available in a wider application. In general, a brand that partners with the main app company often develops and co-creates it.

These are some of the major trends for UI UX design in 2021 for startups. Do not forget to remember the human factor – hence, show them that you are empathic and take care of their requirements when implementing these. Above all, keep the interface of product simple!

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