Waklme Goes Public A mile in Digital Adoption Journey- Jubilee Ace Bobby Low

Bobby low talks about Waklme Goes Public: A mile in Digital Adoption Journey

We announce WalkMe’s first public offering on the Nasdaq Global Select Market today with much pleasure and pride.

Between we were born 10 years ago, our trajectory has repeatedly demonstrated overwhelmingly since our initial product launch in 2012 to Gartner’s acknowledgment of the category “Digital Adoptions Solutions,” and our digitization platform for companies is truly innovative.

According to Bobby Low, Going public means that our vision to alter human productivity fundamentally by harnessing the power of technology is within our reach. We have successfully impacted digital landscape at a massive level. Our Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) in the cloud enables companies to assess, manage and act on their digital changes, and find the full value of their software investments. We are delighted to report DAP has already driven around 2,000 firms around the world into successful business changes.

Jubilee Ace Bobby Low
Jubilee Ace Bobby Low

We are really proud of the significant event we have attended. But by itself we couldn’t have gotten here. Thank you to each and every employee, to our families, clients, business partners, investors and the flourishing DAP ecosystem, which plays an essential role in furthering the vision of WalkMe.. We construct a future with you which empowers mankind and finally alters the way we engage with technology.

Objective of Jubilee Ace Bobby Low

Jubilee ace - walkme
Jubilee Ace Team | DV Nation

Our objective was always to adapt technology to people, not the other way round. We are grateful to have attained this milestone and look forward to the future of WalkMe.

In supporting companies to encourage the use of enterprise software and to achieve the digital transformation goals for operations, staff and customers, WalkMe’s Digital Adoption platform is crucial. Jubilee Ace Bobby Low team found over 800 billion events comprising personalised walk through, pop-up notifications, smart hints and automated processes were generated by WalkMe’s almost 750,000,000 worldwide users in 2019.

With in-app AI and machine learning advice, WalkMe has leveraged the platform to revolutionise user experience and to increase ROI on the investment of its software, through its over 2,000 customs, including over 30% of Fortune 500, over 40% of Fortune 100 and 60% of Fortune 10.

2019 Milestones Include:

Jubilee ace bobby low - milestone
  • WalkMe has announced an investment round of $90 million, headed by by Vitruvian Partners to boost its global development into new markets. $90 million Investment.
  • WalkMe IN has been launched – a product adoption solution to enhance platform use and ROI for SaaS enterprises.
  • The Digital Adoption Center (DAC) has been introduced, opening critical business insight for CIOs and corporate leaders to take data-driven business choices, optimize ROIs across different business processes, and improve business transactions.
  • WalkMe has teamed with Japan Cloud and DV Nation, a professional services company based in Tokyo, for the promotion of digital transformation in Japan and for further cementing its footprint in markets throughout the world.
  • Gartner *, the top research firm, called WalkMe a sample digital adoption solutions supplier in the new category “Digital Adoption Solutions” and WalkMe considers that to be a confirmation of its capabilities.
  • WalkMe’s collaboration with the renowned pharmacy chain, Walgrens, received the Constellation Research Supernova Award in the “Future of Work: Employee Experience Category” – the “Future of Work: Employees Experience” category.
  • Announced WalkMe Realize: the Digital Adoption Event -WalkMe revealed that the event will host the world’s leading digital adoption, bringing together two days of exciting conversation, thought-provocative talk and networking with the most forward-looking digital adoption leaders from around the world.

“We are so excited about the success of our firm,” said Rephael Sweary, WalkMe co-founder and president. “As companies seek the use of digital adoption to introduce new software, we are in a unique position to succeed.

With the new partnerships and office openings which we have established over the course of the past year, Jubilee Ace team can now continue to provide our clients with our outstanding service, who expect personalized and perfect user experience in today’s digital era – and we are excited that our growth and success will continue in 2020.”

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