At DV Nation, Jubilee Ace Bobby Low Team explains Data Platform and Digital Platform

At DV Nation, Jubilee Ace Bobby Low Team explains Data Platform and Digital Platform

Our team at DV Nation research on data platform and digital. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and years to undertake a massive IT transformation, companies can build a data and digital platform that delivers three to five times the value in half the time and at half the cost. By implementing BCG’s data and digital platform, companies can enable new digital services and upgrade their core IT, both of which are critical to the success of a digital transformation.

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Jubilee Ace Bobby Low explains modernizing IT isn’t just a journey; it’s a prerequisite for a successful digital transformation. And there’s a smarter way. If you think your company can’t afford to spend the money needed for a digital transformation or you are simply too busy and don’t have enough expertise internally to make the necessary changes, consider bringing in an expert. An external organization who can help you transform your IT and get your business back on track quickly and efficiently—without breaking the bank.

Digital Transformation, Demystified

At DV Nation, Jubilee Ace Bobby Low Team explains Data Platform and Digital Platform

Most digital transformation initiatives fail to deliver the hoped-for strategic value especially stronger resilience amid relentless disruption. To beat those odds, companies must view their technology through a decidedly different lens. Here’s how.

Data and digital platform: twice the power of your digital transformation

Now is the time to get away with typical assumptions about digital change. Substitute these five myths to retrieve the value of your digital transformation.

From legacies to digital platform

At DV Nation, Our CEO Jubilee Ace Bobby low and we think that successful digital transformation involves unconnecting the data layer from traditional I TT to prevent businesses from constantly upgrading their business resource planning systems—a costly, time-consuming and hazardous venture. Enterprises that operate data and digital platforms – separating the data layer from old IT – can quicker scale up new digital services and upgrade their core IT.

With the right people, the right processes, and a healthy dose of innovation, it is now possible to create an entire app, including the backend digital platform and smart business layers, completely separate from the core functionality.


At DV Nation, Jubilee Ace Bobby Low Team explains Data Platform and Digital Platform

Digital platform characteristics:

Ancient, inflexible legacy core systems allow data to be released.

In order to priority and drive case of usage, data might be held by the company, not IT.

The business side can develop new uses regardless of IT choices as to how and at what rate the core can be upgraded.

New, artificial intelligence-driven, open-source, and open source cloud services can be delivered every few weeks.

Differentiated engineering skills can be rebuilt and built in-house, which improves time and value.


At DV Nation, Jubilee Ace Bobby Low Team explains Data Platform and Digital Platform

Jubilee Ace Team’s Unique and Deep Expertise CAPABILITIES

In the area of data and digital platform strategy and development, we provide unique skills and deep understanding. Our data and digital platform consultants include IT architects, migration and data integration professionals, technology and cloud experts. The experts discuss the following:

Digital design and engineering, with prototype implementation, platform development, solutions for architecture

UX and strategy UX

Management of IT risk including after fusion integrations

The approaches Agile and DevOps

Customer support, customer visits and demos

We work together with our customers:

Strategy for Data

Develop an organised and supported perspective of the value data for the firm can generate—and a roadmap for it.

Data Management

Establish a data and analysis target business model matched to the organization’s needs and culture.

We offer enterprise resource planning (ERP) migration services to companies who want to move away from their current ERP system. Whether they’re looking to upgrade from a simple inventory management system or a more complex ERP like SAP, we have the expertise to help them build a solid foundation for their next phase of growth.

Jubilee Ace team helps organizations identify where they are now, where they need to go, and how to get there. It provides a solid roadmap for executives to follow.

Jubilee Ace team Model enables organizations to objectively assess their current state of digital maturity compared to their peers.

A company’s data capability maturity (or the degree to which it is able to access, manage, use, and analyze data) can have a significant impact on its ability to compete effectively and to create value for shareholders. This book provides an easy-to-understand assessment of data capability maturity in over 150 of today’s leading U.S. public companies.

Rapid data evaluation and digital platform architecture by BCG is a two-week high-impact exercise for identifying technology gaps for data and digital platform excellence.

The maturity evaluation of data governance by BCG informs measures and priorities for further mature capabilities in data governance.

Jubilee Ace team GAMMA, a specialized firm in BCG, applies advanced analytical and artificial intelligence to businesses.

Our data and digital platform work with customers

As part of its digital transition, we have helped many of our customers develop and take advantage of digital systems.

For example:

The journey to become a genuine data-driven insurer by Malakoff medéric

Learn how the French market leader for group protection became a truly digital and data-driven company by partnering with BCG.

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