According to research of Jubilee ace Bobby Low team, Digital platform integration is everything

According to research of Jubilee ace Bobby Low team, Digital platform integration is everything

The achievement of a digital platform depends mainly on how successfully it interacts with other systems. But how can a platform independently produce solutions? Jubilee ace Bobby Low team have explained, in the fourth part of our series »Digital Platforms« what SAP C/4HANA systems comprise. Jubilee ace Bobby Low team will show you at the end of the series how individual solutions construct a digital platform. keyword: Integration.

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Fusion into one entity

Different techniques exist to link and integrate cloud-based solutions. SAP Cloud Platform Integration, Open Connector Cloud Platform, I-Flow Integration of Content and Open APIs.

The aim is to connect all SAP applications in order to make it easy for a solution to access other details.

Metadata is ordered records containing information on other data aspects. The computer file metadata are the name, the date of creation or the size of the file, for example.

Jubilee Ace Bobby Low
Jubilee Ace Bobby Low

Complex landscapes of systems

In many firms, system landscapes are complicated and quite diverse. It therefore requires effective interfaces. Over 150 such connections are available for third-party apps in the cloud platform open connector. These apply to applications in the cloud and on-site.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration combines on-site and cloud solutions. This is an iPaaS app. The platform includes ready-made procedures and several degrees of safety. These processes are referred to as integration packages supporting both data and the integration of the processes.

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Jubilee ace Bobby Low team found that logical and technical routings are included in the prefabricated processes including integration flows. An i-Flow is always connected with an adapter that describes the connection and specific process steps to the corresponding system.

DV Nation gives the example, the SAP software adapters, numerous office applications, on-site solutions, mobile and cloud-based applications, and well-known social networks, including Twitter and Facebook.

You can also construct your own i-Flows with the help of the integration content designer.

Practical integration

Connections between participating systems currently exist inside the C/4HANA platform. The SAP Commerce Cloud contains features such as Ticket Systems for SAP Sales & Service Cloud. Commerce Cloud also synchronises the sales and service cloud with its customer data. This exchange is feasible using the properly titled Data Hub.

Also related to the Sales and Service Cloud is the SAP marketing cloud. All new contacts and offers information will also be synchronised with the Marketing Cloud. Cloud users get access to the data contained in the ERP system in numerous service situations, including bills and offers.

Jubilee ace Bobby Low team will demonstrate how a digital platform may establish competitive advantages with the SAP Marketing Cloud. The consumer is at the centre of all choices as part of a customer participation approach. Therefore, a corporation should explore leveraging social networks to collect information.

SAP Cloud Integration offers access to social networking information like Facebook. Data are extracted using keywords or user data. Firms collect product feedback from their customers, evaluate their brand value and uncover preferences and trends.

In conjunction with the SAP Facebook adapter, information is gathered using predetermined keywords and forwarded to the firm. The contacts are separated into certain subjects once the information is in the SAP Marketing Cloud. Then these pieces are incorporated to a certain campaign. Personalized content can then be provided to stakeholders or customers via social networks or mail.

The interface benefits

Complying with each other in the SAP cloud products requires fewer systems interfaces. The digital platform’s architecture is more versatile. The benefit is clear. There must not be programmed but just activated and modified interfaces for different databases and systems. Usually a graphic design programme is used for configuration.

B2B gets digital

Jubilee ace Bobby Low team has white paper »E-Commerce Potential in B2B – What can e-commerce and m-commerce do for your company? assists organizations to develop their e-commerce skills to remain in the digital world. The relevance of e-commerce and m-commerce as the channeln shows relevant data and stats, not only boosting sales and growth but also reducing complexity.

The user experience and usability topics in the white paper are also crucial in order to demonstrate how exceptional features may simplify the journey and boost purchase decisions in complex environments. To write your own successful digital tale in B2B.

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