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5 strategies to protect your business against cyber attacks

Today more than ever, cyber attacks are rampant. Attacks such as the SolarWind attack show that cyber security systems are no longer immune to cybercrime, even for the largest and strongest organisations.

Since the epidemic the majority of employees around the world have been working on their own computers and networks from home. Cybercrime has become more all-encompassing and profitable than ever. Cyber dangers, today, vary from ransomware, viruses, malware, phishing assaults to considerably more complex DDOS attacks, Zero Day Exploits and DNS Tunneling.

While the situation may sound serious, a lot may still be done to defend your organisation from cyber assaults and to secure information that is sensitive to your firm.

How can you prevent cyber crime from protecting your organisation?

1. Train your employees on cyber security and response 

Nobody in your business knows the hazards of cyber threats. You may not even understand how a small, unintended mistake might imperil your whole company’s security system. Intruders usually try to find an entrance point through an unsuspecting employee for your firm. This can be a weak password employee or anyone who works in the same environment. All your employees cannot be trained to specialize in IT. However, even IT-educated people may not always be familiar with the appropriate procedures in the event of a cyber assault.

With all of the above in mind, it is necessary now to invest in good training in cyber security that gives your employees a basic knowledge of security and sensitivity. You should also choose a unique training course for cyber-incident planning and response that helps key stakeholders decide correctly and take the necessary steps while attacking the business.

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2. Evaluate internet security and infrastructure

To ensure the security of your business, the security and information security infrastructure of your network must continue to be assessed. After all, cyber thieves will utilise the internet and the associated technologies for attacking your company.

Many organisations choose to employ an external specialist who evaluates their business’ digital health and their ability to respond to a cyber event. You can choose either for a simple one-day health evaluation or an in-depth breach readiness evaluation. You may also assess the efficiency of your incident response strategies and playbooks using cyber incident response based on simulation

3. Ressource allocation: Unfortunately, many people pay little attention to possible risks. As a result, cyber attacks are more susceptible. One of the best strategies to stop cyber-attacks is to ensure that you have sufficient budget allocations for instruments and technology to keep your business and critical information safe. As your firm increases in size and complexity, network protection and endpoint security resources should increase together.

4. Monitor all risks: it is also vital to monitor your systems round the clock, apart from being informed and prepared for all possible cyber attacks. In order to prevent further difficulties it is possible to detect any flaws or odd activities in real time. This significantly enhances the company’s chances of protecting against cybercrime.

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Software solutions are available that can constantly monitor your system and security. For this purpose, you can also employ a security analyst. Another possibility is to obtain services from managed service providers such as digital fire.

5. Prevent hardware robbery: Often, when the attacker accesses the hardware of the system you try to defend, a cyber attack occurs. When hardware theft has taken place at work, you need be particularly careful as the security of your company is defined.

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